Jeanne Marchig Award-Recipients Archive

“In Recognition of Outstanding Practical Work and Tireless Dedication in the Field of Animal Welfare and Protection”

2009 | The Mayhew
Animal Home,

For their outstanding commitment to national community animal care services, rescue and rehoming, as well as neutering and animal population control initiatives internationally

2007 | Dr Chinny Krishna
Co-Founder, Blue Cross of India

In recognition of his practical work over 43
years in the field of animal welfare
and protection both in India
and internationally.

2007 | Animals Australia

The Jeanne Marchig Special Programmes Award’, acknowledging the organisations tireless and difficult campaigning work in relation to the despicable live animal exports trade from
Australia to the Middle East.  

2006 | Chris Mercer
Founder, Campaign Against
Canned Hunting, South Africa

For his work over many years to protect wildlife in South Africa from abuse and suffering, including his determined efforts to bring to an end, the barbaric practice of ‘canned hunting’.

2005 | Tsunami Memorial Animal Welfare Trust,
Sri Lanka

For outstanding practical and difficult work in averting the mass-killing of dogs in tsunami affected areas, through offering an alternative solution to population management and rabies control, thus saving the lives of tens of thousands of dogs as well as providing relief to thousands of others. 

2004 | Jill Robinson
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong

Established in 1998, AAF has been leading the fight to bring an end to bear bile farming in China and Vietnam and providing life-time sanctuary to bears released from their torment. Under the direction of Jill Robinson, AAF’s ‘vision’ for the future is to “end cruelty and restore respect for all animals throughout Asia”. 

2003 | Animals' Angels,

For their constant efforts monitoring and helping live animals being transported across Europe destined for slaughter. Whilst many prefer to look away, Animals Angels abides by their ‘Motto’ – “we are there for the animals”. As well as ensuring compliance of the existing legislation, they constantly seek better standards and greater welfare and protection for the animals involved. 

2002 | Robert Smith
Founder, Society for the Protection of Stray Animals, Turkey and the Foundation for the Protection of Community Dogs, Romania

For his relentless work for dogs in Turkey and Romania and his efforts to bring about much needed change, that will result in better welfare conditions and protection.

2002 | Perihan Agnelli
Founder, Friends of Animals Association,

For her work on behalf of dogs and cats in Turkey and her constant efforts to bring about much needed change, to enhance their welfare and protection. 

1997 | Maneka Gandhi, India

For her work in improving the conditions for stray animals in India and for her activities in environmental issues.

1996 | Christine Townend, Australia

For helping to spearhead the “Animal Liberation” movement in Australia and establishing a number of much needed animal care and rescue shelters in India.

1993 | Senator Roland Gillet, Belgium

As a principal author of the Animal Protection
laws in his country (1975-1986).

1993 | Mrs Janine Vogler, France

As Founder of the "Jeunes Amis des Animaux" and her outstanding practical work in the field of animal welfare and protection.

1993 | The Rt Hon Lord Houghton of Sowerby CH, UK

In recognition of his unfailing and passionate support of the animal welfare cause throughout his long and illustrious parliamentary career.

1993 | Mrs Jean Sainsbury, UK

As Founder of the Jean Sainsbury Trust, which provides funding to various groups and charities working in the fields of animal protection and wildlife conservation.

1988 | Shirley McGreal
President, International Primate Protection League, USA

Shocked by the deplorable conditions under which primates were being captured, transported and exploited, as well as discovering that no one seemed interested in helping the “plain” monkeys, whose sufferings often went unnoticed, in 1973, she transformed her concern into action and formed the IPPL. Since that day she and her organisation have fought relentlessly to protect primates throughout the world. 

1986 | Dr Michael Balls
Chairman, Fund for the Replacement
of Animals in Medical Experiments,

In recognition of FRAME's contribution towards the replacement of laboratory animals in experiments by alternative methods.